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Appendix 2: Academic-Community Peer Review Board

Published onNov 02, 2022
Appendix 2: Academic-Community Peer Review Board

This book comes from working in collaboration, community and solidarity with feminicide data activists since 2019. It documents the creative, intellectual and emotional labor of data activists across the Americas and how their approach to data science challenges the hegemonic and extractivist logics of mainstream data science.

In writing this book, I also draw from my prior collaboration with Lauren F. Klein on Data Feminism, as well as my current collaboration on Data Against Feminicide – a large, participatory action-research-design project I have been doing with Silvana Fumega (ILDA) and Helena Suárez Val (Feminicidio Uruguay) for the past three years.

In writing this book, I feel most account able to these two groups – my collaborators and the feminicide data activists we have been working with. For them and for me, I want to ensure that the work meets its goals around collaboration, community and solidarity. Towards this end, I formed an Academic-Community Peer Review Board so that I may hear directly from them as part of the review process. I am deeply indebted to my collaborators and our partners for shaping my thinking and writing to date, and look forward to continuing to learn from their expertise and generous guidance during the review process.

The Academic-Community Peer Review Board will meet in December 2022 and is comprised of the below individuals:

James Scott-Brown:

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