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BookBook Development Notes

Published onDec 15, 2017
BookBook Development Notes

Topics to cover on 26 Jan 2018

  1. Review of feedback

    • Exporting to pdf

    • “Chunk the chapters!”

    • Opening links in new tab

    • Plan for our 72 OA titles

    • Summary text taken from the MITP website

      • Let’s discuss how we want the PubPub landing page to differ from MITP Open on website

  1. New BookBook Architecture

    • Search function

    • Chapters/flow

    • Table of Contents layout

Please use this space to record your notes and ideas after reviewing BookBook and Frankenstein.

BookBook page

·      Links should open in a new tab

·      Summary text should flow from Books (with the opening ref to City of Bits) to Journals, i.e. move the last graf (“To view our OA book titles,  . . .”) up and make it the second graf.

·      I cn’t find the Palfrey book at this page (or listed in the PDF title list); it notes that I “can scroll through the following web pages” but it’s not clear how you do that (I created an account but that action doesn’t provide more functionality).  I searched on “Palfrey” and cwas returned a “no results” page.

·      AWill

ll 72 OA books be made available in PubPub? As PDFs? 



·      The cover takes up too much valuable above-the-fold real estate

A brief summary (catalogue description) would be useful. ·      Would like an option to easily export to PDF

from HTML.·      The full text (all volumes) are difficult to navigate.  Chunk the chapters.  The right rail doesn’t quite give me a meaningful sense of my location within the book.  Anchors don’t quite sync with chapter starts.  Perhaps treat contents as a pulldo-wn menu, as in this example from Manifold:

·      Kindle location feature (horizontal across the bottom of the pageview, with slider, % status, location, &c. offers a data-based view of the linear progression through a book and is easier to parse.

·      I’m getting a “Franken” experience on mobile devises.  The right nav rail is obscuring (ghosting over) the text, which isn’t resizing/reflowable.

the first footnote in the Preface seems to show “Frankenbook” as a lens

  • this is added to all annotations that appeared in the print edition

Hyperlink author names to author profiles on the web?

  • plan is to link their names to a PubPub profile, which wil include links to personal websites and affiliated orgs

In About Frankenbook it says there are 8 themes but there are nine active now.

The essays contain references to page numbers in the text. Could these be linked back to the appropriate point in the text instead?

  • yes, done.

The Douglas essay title is capitalized entirely while the others are not.

  • thank you!

The reference list is missing as are the notes from the editors’ preface and introduction. The front matter would likely benefit from a TOC at the top linking to the preface, acknowledgements, and introduction.

The text in the annotations isn’t linkable in the same way as it is in the main body text.






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