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Statement on Sharing Power

Published onNov 02, 2022
Statement on Sharing Power

As part of my continued efforts to share power and divert social and financial capital back to where it belongs, I am directing half of the royalties from this book to Indigenous Women Rising. I have been on the board of this incredible organization since 2019.

Figure A3.1. Indigenous Women Rising is committed to honoring Native and Indigenous people's inherent right to equitable and culturally safe health options through accessible health education, resources and advocacy.

Through IWR's abortion fund, they help Native people access abortion care, which was scarce before Dobbs and even scarcer now. Through their midwifery program, they provide culturally appropriate birth care to Native people. And through their education and community power-building work, they share their vision of reproductive justice with Indigenous communities and beyond. I invite you to seek them out, engage with them on social media and in real life, and consider how you might contribute to their work.

Follow Indigenous Women Rising on Twitter at @IWRising, on Instagram @indigenouswomenrising, and at

James Scott-Brown:

“Through their abortion fund, IWR helps …“

or “Through their abortion fund, they help …“